40 + 5....... Being Pregnant Forever

I don't know what I truly expected second time round.

Maybe it was listening to everyone saying that your second baby always comes earlier or you'll just know when the time is near etc.

Well I haven't a bloody clue, there may be a lot to be said for a planned c-section , being able to plan , to be "prepared" to know there is a set day and time you will see your new baby.

Where as the unknown of spontaneous labour beginning is very, very stressful!

Preparing as best you can but then having your waters break as your pushing your trolly down the vegetable aisle ? Picking up the tantrum crazed toddler at daycare.....

Who or what or how can you prepare  for that???... the fear is real.

When is it going to happen ?

Where ?

Trying to dress appropriately to avoid as much embarrassment as possible ! 

Thankfully my first experience was relatively straightforward when it eventually happened.

No one can prepare you for the reality of it until you experience it for yourself as either most people sugar coat it and give you false expectations or scare the hell out of you with their war stories!

I ended up being 14 days over due while pregnant with Aodhán, after 3 stretch & sweeps, numerous scans to ensure everything was still ok to wait, I finally was booked in for induction at the Mercy in Melbourne for 6am on the 29th of July as it appeared my body wanted to happily grow that little baby and keep it inside forever.

My mammy and two younger brothers had flown over from Ireland for the event on the day I was due so at this point everyone was very bored and impatient.

We went and did the groceries walking up and down the aisles I was very glad of the trolly to steady myself as I began getting "twinges" across the top of my tummy. 

Feeling like a mixture of pins and needles and a half arsed situp where your muscles tighten slightly. No pain at all just a really unusual sensation. I didn't think it would eventuate  to much so I didn't say much at all , just logged in to my contraction app on my phone to keep a track of the frequency.

These unusual twinges continued on and off for the rest of the evening but didn't seem to get stronger or more frequent so I just tried not to think of it and got on with making the dinner had our usual evening and went to bed....

When I was rudely interrupted at 11:30, by what felt like a water balloon bursting between my legs.

Thankfully it only seemed worse than it was and I had been sleeping on top of a waterproof mattress protector and towel as precaution for the week prior ...there was so little commotion in fact, that paul continued to snore unbeknown to the events that would shortly follow.

So I hopped up (rather, rolled ungraciously) out of bed, gathered up the sheets threw them in the wash and ran to the shower.

I'd shouted to mammy to put on the kettle for a cup of tea as she was still up watching TV .

I could hardly stand never mind wash my hair so I went and sat on the ball with my cup of Punjana tea from home.

All the while the niggles i had been feeling were increasing in intensity and frequency  lasting a minute and about 3-5 minutes apart.

Mammy finally woke up Paul sensing it might be time to throw the hospital bag in the car and get organised.

He was like a child at christmas , and couldn't wait to get to the hospital.

I'd rang the midwife and explained the pains , timing and frequency etc and as i was managing the pain to stay at home as long as possible. ( We lived 4 minutes from the hospital thankfully)

Those were the longest 4 minutes of my life!

I could hardly sit but the heated seats were a massive relief. Paul's driving skills on the other hand left a lot to be desired! We arrived in one piece at 1:30 and Paul managed to abandon the car and oxtercog me through the doors of A&E to the maternity window where the lady didn't even ask my name as she could see I couldn't even speak mid contraction.

I was never so glad to see that birthing suite.

But not the midwife telling me i was only 4cm dilated and it could be another 13hours of labour....

I can assure you that is not what a girl in full blown labour wants to hear!!!!

I knew she was wrong however!

I can't explain how, but I just had a feeling that the baby wasn't too far away.

As I was so far over due the baby had to be monitored constantly which meant i wasn't able to use the birthing baths as i wanted to avoid as much medication & pain relief as possible.

The second best option was the showers which gave me a lot of relief with hot and cold water. 

No one tells you about those hot and cold flushes !! 

After running up and down 6 flights of stairs to retrieve the hospital and baby bag he had left in the car, Paul was an amazing support.

Between holding shower heads on my back to ease the pain, to running back and forward for heat-packs and cold-packs I wouldn't have survived without him.

So with the help of only gas and air & an excruciating episiotomy which has scared me for life (literally & emotionally)!!

Aodhán was born at 4:17 am ..... 2 hours before he was due to be induced.

Weighing  9lb 4oz and 54cm long. Half rared and straight in to 000 clothes.

Mr.McFlynn 25 Minutes new


Apparently when you wait to long to ask for pain relief , its to late and they won't give you any ....rookie mistake....and I ended up feeling like i'd been in a car crash, there was not  one muscle that didn't hurt for the next several days and weeks.

..................and here we are waiting to do the whole thing again!

How amazing the body & mind are to trick you into forgetting pain, for the joy of new life.

Truth is the baby can't stay in there forever or ill need a wheel barrow soon! There is a light at the end of the tunnel! hopefully.....  

Time to triple check and repack the hospital bag again for the 100th time.

"When you have what you love you have everything you need ."

Gráinne x








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  • Congratulations on a gorgeous baby! I had a similar experience, I was 40+6 with each of my kids and with my son I was 10cm when I got to the hospital and pushing involuntarily (it was my first, I had no idea I was actually pushing). Every day that last week of pregnancy felt like a month! Great job Mama!


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