40 Full weeks...and still no baby....


Hey all!

So, today is D Day ,

As in Due Date Day........Day 280

AT 40weeks into my second pregnancy it feels like dejavu ... as last time I went a full 2weeks over !

Currently I feel like i'll be pregnant forever more as I am expanding in inches by the hour.

That may be due to the copious amounts of Häangen Dazs ice cream I have consumed over the past few weeks. If you haven't tried their macadamia nut brittle you have not lived.

It is life! It has also accounted to my entire 72kg mass predominately located around my mid-rift! 

On a more practical level I finally have the hospital bag packed, (nearly) There's no doubt i've forgot heaps but i'm pretty sure the essentials are there.

(Blog to follow on the contents of hospital essentials for number to of the things you actually need!)

The floors have been scrubbed and the bassinet has been made up so we are just impatiently waiting for the little lamb to fill it.

With constant messages from well meaning friends and relatives keen to find out when it is arriving Im feeling slightly under pressure to get this baby out !

I have been researching all the tried and tested methods of speeding things up, to no avail !

  • Raspberry leaf tea
  • Evening primrose oil
  • Pineapple
  • Walking
  • Bouncing on the exercise ball
  • Hot curry
  • Expressing etc to name but a few

I am going to book in for some reflexology in the next few days as hopefully that may do the trick! If anyone has any other ideas that worked for them ...i'm all ears! I'm just really not keen on having another 9lb 4oz newborn!! 

Things have slowed down a bit as my sister has flown over from Ireland for a few weeks to help out with the new arrival and our crazy Mr Aodhán who is so unconcerned about a new baby coming that his only grievance may be my tummy disappearing which he currently uses as a  jumping pillow or a mountain to drive his tractors and trucks over on an hourly basic.

The poor child will need 24 hour security when it arrives and for the foreseeable future. 

Wedding plans are on hold as I am not willing to have the wedding dress shop owners laugh in my face as I waddle through the door, with what resembles an over sized mixing bowl strapped to my tummy.

Our daily routine has slipped drastically and guiltily it usually ends up with lazy pajama mornings watching Netflix & replying to emails, with gallons of tea and toast until the sun pops out from behind the morning fog and makes us feel productive.

Sleeping has become a MAJOR issue but not for the usual pregnancy related reasons. Anyone out there with a partner who snores ???????

Who is with me ???

Its bad enough that it takes me 17,000minutes to build a wee nest that i can get myself comfortable and my 72kg tummy supported and happy but wait theres more...........

I have a fog horn blasting in my ear at a million decibels basically causing the house to vibrate.

Then opens and closes all the doors, drawers turns on and off all the lights in an attempt to get ready "quietly" for work ...i was pretty sure id cracked it last night with my face mask and ear plugs only for him to wake me up with his hysterical laughing....

I must have been a sight for sore eyes, I guess it's back to the drawing board! 


Pottery Barn Kids Navy Classic Mom Nappy Bag

What do we think of this nappy bag ? Its by Pottery Barn Kids 

I still haven't decided so i'd love some recommendations for bags to accommodate all the essentials for a newborn and a toddler? 


If you have what you love you have everything you need!                                                                      

Until next time

 Gráinne x

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