41 & 3 Days and we finally got to meet our baby girl in 16 minutes!

Thankfully this is not one of those horror stories!!

When you have a baby in 16 minutes!


I was in denial that I was even in advanced labour !

It was deja-vu all over again on a monday night 25th of september with my waters partially breaking at 11 O'clock in bed. Exactly the same as the last time.

Paul actually partially woke up this time and said, to wake him when it was time to go to the hospital. (So much for a supportive birthing partner , At least someone was able to sleep I suppose! ) 

So off to watch a movie on Netflix I went, waiting for some contractions to start. I got three quarters of the way through 'Safe Haven' before I had any noticeable movements.

I then used a contraction timer called 'Labour Time' to track what was happening.

At around 1:30am I made a cup of tea and ran a bath, as the contractions became stronger and lasting a little longer. Though I was not thinking the birth was imminent .

I finally woke paul at 2:30am to get organised and put the bags in the car.

Dressed and basically ready to go I tried to keep timing the contractions but I was not capable of concentrating on when they were starting and finishing so I didn't want to ring the hospital yet as I WAS STILL sure baby would be a few hours off , based on our first experience!

I then had to get changed again for the second time when the rest of the amniotic waters decided to release ....typical !

Stalling and procrastinating the impending birth I decided to stick on the kettle for another cup of tea.....

Sure theres always time for tea ??? ....

Not this time.

Paul convinced me to get into the car and go so I rang the hospital at  2:54am to let them know we were coming and off we went towel in hand.

Paul forgot the important bags again (you would think he would have remembered from the first time)  in the car which stalled us another few minutes in the hospital car park , leaving time for another contraction thankfully I had a mini travel suitcase on wheels which offered great support mid contraction.

At this point the intensity was a solid 6 and I had to stop every 20 steps walking through the hospital to which the little old triage nurse offered me a wheelchair! (for reference .... never challenge a labouring hormonal woman with her ability to walk down the corridor!....

I basically ran to the birthing suite after that !!) 

Paul knew better than speak, but he trusted that I knew what I was doing and supported me every time I needed to stop .

Into the birthing suit at 3:11am I handed over the birthing plan I had drafted a few days earlier, which meant I didn't have to break focus to even speak to the mid wife, She had all my details and birth ideas on one easy to read page !

Then everything became reality and I was convinced i'd rather die than continue with the torture I was experiencing! We had jumped from a solid 6 to 25 in what seemed like 0.35seconds.

The poor midwife....

She received a fair bit of abuse in the 16 minutes we were in that room as she hooked up the gas and air....

Well, I may as well been breathing through a straw as I was getting no pain relief at all.

( But if anything it forced me to concentrate on my breathing...In my boredom of the last weeks of pregnancy I read a book on hypno-birthing which really helped me relax and focus during the labour and birth)

I looked over at paul and his face was white as a sheet I could see he though it was going to be a very long night when he seen how much discomfort I was in already!

It was roasting ...so much so I felt like my skin was on fire my only request was for paul to get me an instant ice pack I had in the bag (I may as well sent him to the north pole for the ice.)

By the time he had it burst, the midwife said baby was on it's way....

Two involuntary pushes and baby Fiádh (FEE-AH) was in the hands of Alison our midwife and on the floor infront of me at 3:27am! ( Yes floor ....I was that stubborn I hadn't even made it on the bed. )

Paul was in literal shock as the sheer speed of how things went. We were lucky we lived so close to the hospital or Paul would have been delivering her in the car! 

16 Minutes from we entered the birth suite until we met our baby girl.....

A few minutes new 


 Here is that instant look of betrayal when Aodhán met his new sister !

Thankfully it was short lived and he forgave us within a few days and now he loves her to pieces! Even though she doesn't yet appreciate his enthusiasm for choo choo trains and tractors!


 The instant look of betrayal ....no longer the only child


"When you have what you love you have everything you need ."

Gráinne x




  • Congratulations. She is such a beautiful baby

    Erika Ravnsborg
  • congratulation stay blessed.

    Talat islam
  • I love this story. I cannot imagine being so calm as to fix tea and watch tv when you know the big moment is soon to arrive! I love the idea of having your birthing plan typed and ready to go so the nurses/midwife will know your plan. Thanks for sharing!

  • Awwww…Labor and birth, my first 2 was torture and baby no.3 was a scheduled c-section! Your experience sounds so pleasant and easy! I’m glad you had an easy time ;)

  • Congratulations on welcoming your angel Fiadh into your lives! Interesting and well detailed post very useful for expecting couples :)


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