Reality Check


Hey all!

So, today I had a massive reality check Day 250

I'm 36 weeks  into my second pregnancy... 

With no hospital bag packed, or baby bag for that matter, 

& In denial that there will be a new little person joining our family in the next few weeks!

I’ve been so preoccupied with life, trying to organise a wedding, trying to setup a new business, work full time along with the realities of being a wee mammy, that today was the first day I’ve taken an official day off, Switched off the laptop and sat with my feet up on the couch and scrolled through Netflix. To find a good series to pass the day (while I think of the 20,000 other important things I could be doing). I did however manage to not cremate the dinner and it was pretty amazing for a change! Mammy goals

How priorities change the second time round!

I actually enjoyed the thinking time it created for me today, without having to run around like a lunatic after a two year old who is a crazy maniac and literally doesn't stop to take breath, changing nappies, preparing food, working on the laptop or farm! (yes.... I work on a farm...interesting career choice for someone with a fashion and textile degree you say? ) Ha-ha...that’s a story for another day. 

It's no wonder this pregnancy has gone so fast, as I have been lucky enough to work right up to now with only minor symptoms.... other than the occasional bout of heart burn, some tiredness or a few days of morning sickness at the beginning that actually helped remove the few extra kilos I was carrying around my waist that was left over from our first baby. Either I’ve been exceptionally lucky or I will have a terrible labour or a new baby that wont sleep a wink! Fingers crossed for neither of those, though I highly doubt it will be a pleasant one.. labour that is not the baby!!  

The rain is pottering on the roof while I type and its making me miss home and all the family all the more or maybe its just the hormones or the direct correlation between rain and Ireland & the fact I’ve just eaten the last of the Irish biscuits an exception friend sent over to me! Roll on Christmas for our next big trip home to hopefully introduce our new arrival in person!

As I have been so rude and not even introduced my self , (which can be explained by my dyslexia and unusual thought pattern)  My name is Gráinne .

(Phonetically graw-n-ya for all my non-Irish friends and readers) 

25 years young 

Mammy of one & one on the way 

with a partner who snores a lot ! (He's Paul, and actually a really lovely guy)

I plan to keep you all in the loop of how things progress for us here over the next few weeks and months with our new brood and business along with our daily family flaws as no life is ever perfect,

but if you have what you love you have everything you need!                                                                      

Until next time

 Gráinne x

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