About Us

Where The Perfect Life of Us all began!

The Perfect Life of Us has been on the back boiler for a very long time.

Ever since i was a little girl I always wanted to own my own shop and the time was just never right.

I've decided the time still isn't right nor will it ever be perfect, so i'm just going to take a deep breath and jump right in!

  • While 36 weeks pregnant
  • Chasing after a 2 year old
  • And trying to plan a wedding!

But, with a degree in Textile Art & Fashion Design along with a diploma in Interior Design and gaining experience with John Rocha as well as working for an award winning Uk fashion boutique I feel i've gained  the experience to bring the best tried and tested products to your finger tips through our online store.

You will also get an insight into our life as Irish people living the Australian dream (or trying to do our best) by following our blog and social media pages !


Gráinne  @ The Perfect Life of Us 

Life is never perfect but if you have what you love you have everything you need !

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